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Why We Do What We Do

The inspiration for Abiding Joy came from Karen's grandfather. He lived his last several years in a traditional assisted living. When I visited him he would tell me the things that bothered him and urge me to think of a better way to do assisted living. He identified the need to fix the constantly changing caregivers. Living on-site means that we do the care. This allows us to get to know our residents and treat them as family. The next issue was eliminating long hallways, that are sometimes too far as people get weak, to make it to the dining room. He hoped for personalized activity calendars, since so many of the activities, like nail painting, had very little interest for an 88 year old man. You have the security of having a registered nurse living onsite, who personally monitors and quickly responds to your loved one's changes in health conditions, rather than relying on an untrained caregiver to hopefully notice it. Abiding Joy focuses on the individual and personalized attention. 



Meet your caregivers.

Karen registered nurse owner



Karen worked her way through nursing school as a certified nursing assistant in nursing homes and home healths. She graduated in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. She has worked in a variety of settings from hospital oncology units, emergency room, assisted livings, home health and nursing homes. She took graduate classes to further her understanding of diseases and medications. Her true love has always been seniors. She loves to help seniors live life fully, and comfortably. Her varied experiences help her understand the complex health conditions that many seniors face.

Dave owner



Dave has managed several big assisted living communities. He has won quality awards from the American Healthcare Association. He specialized in fixing facilities with problems. Many of his buildings when surveyed by the state were found to have no deficiencies in care. His focus is quality care, with a motto to care for everyone as if they are his own grandparent. 

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